The overall market forecast for the global aquaculture and fisheries market is extremely positive with seafood consumption rising and a total retail value of > US$1 trillion.


Demand for sustainable seafood production is growing due to increasing awareness of consumers.

There are great opportunities to leverage the vast diversity of aquatic foods in the coming decades to address malnutrition, lower the environmental footprint of our food systems, and provide livelihoods.

Global demand for seafoods is predicted to roughly double by 2050, and will be met primarily through increased aquaculture production rather than by capture fisheries.


SmartAqua focuses on pragmatic bottom-line solutions to balance biodiversity, protect natural ecology and provide social, environmental and economic stability.


SmartAqua offers the following services:


  • Seafood Processing Plant Design
  • Aquaculture Development Project Management
  • Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) Design and Management
  • Blockchain Seafood Traceability Solutions
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, Due Diligence
  • Risk Advisory and Governance Services
  • Sustainable Seafood Sourcing
  • Seafood Business Realty
  • Training Seminars
  • External Auditing & Site Assessment Services
  • Value Added Product Development
  • Expert Witness Services

Landbased Aquaculture Project Delivery


SmartAqua and Wiley (Smiley), both with Australian bases but an international footprint, have teamed up, combining their many years of international experience in the aquafarming and seafood processing sector to provide turnkey services for Landbased Aquaculture (RAS) Facilities, including Total Site Project Management, Process Plant Design and Construction. SmartAqua has a 26 year history in aquaculture consulting around the globe, with a growing focus on landbased farming and processing operations, while Wiley have been in the food facility project delivery business for over a century with a large experienced engineering, design and construction team.


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