Puerto Montt salmon, sea grown rainbow trout and mussels growing together

SmartAqua operates globally and partners with other organisations in their network bringing a partnership approach with pragmatic solutions for the seafood industry – Smarter Seafood Production.

SmartAqua MD Alastair Smart at Fishcoin Seafood Storied Dinner with the United Nations World Food Program’s SDG2 Advocacy Hub’s Chefs of the Chefs Manifesto, Stockholm EAT Forum, Torsaker Farm.

SmartAqua was first established in 1996 by Alastair Smart to offer seafood consulting services chiefly to the fast growing aquaculture industry that lacked skills and knowledge. After many years working globally, a team was formed offering a one-stop-shop for seafood advice not limited by scope or geography was formed and the group expanded globally.

A Selection of Clients

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