SmartAqua is proud to have worked closely with many key players in the seafood industry since its inception in 1996.

We have developed long standing business relationships with several product suppliers where we believe they offer exceptional product and service supply and we utilise our combined efforts to help with the process of ongoing product and service improvement together with seafood industry producers and buyers:

Sunwell Technologies – Canada.  DeepChill Ice Slurry Systems

“DeepChill has helped us improve as a company financially, and allowed us to supply consistently superior product that our customers recognize and keep returning for repeat orders.”  
-Jerry Bidgood, General Manager of Prince Edward Aqua Farms, Canada

Ace Aquatec – UK.  Humane In-Water Electrostunning Harvest Systems

Scottish Sea Farms team found the electric stunner doubled their harvest rate due to how much easier it was to handle stunned fish.
Scottish Sea Farms installed a second stunner at another processing site shortly after seeing the results of the first installation. -Donald Buchanan, Processing Manager Scottish Sea Farms

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