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SmartAqua Training Seminars

SmartAqua offers 1-5 day tailored training packages for companies, industry associations, and education groups - whatever your location or species. Our training is aimed at providing industry relevant, up-to-date knowledge to give participants the tools and skills necessary to better manage aquaculture operations.

The example below illustrates a one day training session on Managing Quality through Harvesting and Processing in finfish aquaculture. We have sessions for hatchery management, farm husbandry and feed management, biosecurity, health and welfare, processing, sales and marketing, budgets, planning and business management. Field trips can be arranged or demonstrations in-country.


Finfish Aquaculture: Managing Quality through Harvesting and Processing
Session 1 - Harvest Methods & Basic Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Basic Fish Biology - the Physiology of Stress and Pre- and Post-Mortem Biochemistry
Harvest Methods - Pros and Cons of the Various Methods used for Harvesting Finfish
Pre-harvest Husbandry - Managing the Crowding and Fish Transfer Process
Session 2 - The Stunning Process
Minimising Stress at Slaughter
Management of the Harvest Process
Quality and Welfare at Slaughter - Regulations and Markets Perception
Session 3 - Exsanguination - the Bleeding Process
The Reason for Bleeding - Bloodspotting Issues
Bleed Methods - Dry Bleeding, Wet Bleeding and Immediate Gutting Post-Stun
Session 4 - Downstream Processing - Maintaining Quality to the Plate
Gutting - Timing, Impact of Rigor, Temperature and Kidney Removal
Food Safety - Managing Microbiology, Hygiene, Chemicals, QA, Standards
Filleting, Pinboning and Portioning - Optimising Texture, Shelf Life and Visual Appearance - Pre-rigor Fillet Management




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