Formerly known as Sunwell Technologies – they have changed their name to:




“DeepChill has helped us improve as a company financially, and allowed us to supply consistently superior product that our customers recognize and keep returning for repeat orders.”  
-Jerry Bidgood, General Manager of Prince Edward Aqua Farms, Canada


DeepChill of Canada have been involved in the development of chilling technology around ice slurries for many years and their DeepChill ice systems are widely used in the global seafood industry. We believe they offer a great product and service supply and SmartAqua works together with DeepChill to help the seafood industry to utilise the advantages of this technology.


Why is this important technology? Temperature control for Seafood is a fundamental.


Post-mortem changes are inevitable and fish don’t improve. This is a sad fact and a general truth, although exceptions are admitted in the first few days post-catch as the umami may increase with IMP formation and rigor changes affect textural properties. However, after this short period it is downhill all the way as spoilage bacteria begin to take over, autolytic changes occur and oxidation is initiated – phenomena which are all temperature dependent. It is thus obvious that both time and temperature affect the rate of change, and that it is the time-temperature integral that is the fundamental, prime measure of the amount or degree of change. This is critically important in that minor changes in chill temperature become very important.


The biological, microbiological and biochemical changes and the gross sum of their effects obey the same, or similar enough, kinetics to be estimated with change in temperature. The consequence of this is that a slight change in temperature from 0C to just 4C doubles the rate of degradation, and hence doubles the amount of change that has occurred. If there were such hypothetical measures as ‘quality units’ or ‘freshness units’ then twice as many units would be decomposed at 4C as at 0C.


The simple fact from this is that shelf-life can be doubled by ensuring the temperature is maintained at 0C not 4C. This very important fact is generally ignored.


The use of DeepChill slurry systems offer significant chilling advantages and you can read more about this at their website.