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Stephen Cross

BSc (Hons) PhD

Since he began his aquaculture career in 1985, Dr. Stephen Cross has contributed to sustainable development of the aquaculture industry in a variety of roles - as a consultant, a researcher, and as a producer. The following accomplishments and accreditations are provided as examples of the breadth of his expertise and experience in this sector.

Selected Accomplishments:

• Completed the first environmental assessment of salmon aquaculture in Canada (1985) and subsequently has studied every farm site established on the west coast.

• Assisted, via directed research and consultation, in the development of performance-based regulations for coastal aquaculture in Canada and in Chile (CORFO-funded)

• Completed and acquired certification for the first ISO-14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) for coastal aquaculture in Canada.

• Developed the Aboriginal Certification of Environmental Sustainability (ACES) program for facilitating the integration of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) into aquaculture farm siting and operating.

• Created a Shellfish Culture Capability model and conducted extensive biophysical surveys of the entire coast of British Columbia (Canada), integrating the acquired spatial data into a detailed coastal Geographical Information System in support of long term coastal planning.

• Provided expert witness testimony for Canadian Parliamentary Standing Committees on Environment and Fisheries, for Provincial Legislative Inquiries on aquaculture, and in legal proceedings/challenges in the United States.

• Completed seafood quality research of co-cultured species that facilitated regulatory change to allow Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) development in Canada.

• Conceptualized the Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture (SEAfood) system in Canada, designed/engineered innovative SEAfood SystemTM components, and acquired commercial production status for the first SEAfarm facility.

• Founded the University of Victoria Coastal Aquaculture Research & Training (CART) Network, and established an industry-academic linkage for facilitating ongoing applied aquaculture research.

• Industry/Academic advisor in international aquaculture research, much in support of food security and coastal community livelihoods, in Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil and Mozambique.

Website: http://seavisiongroup.com

A: Seascape #8-05, 57 Cove Way, Singapore 098308 P/F: +1 250 338 7255 E: sfcross@seavisiongroup.ca