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Our Services

SmartAqua is a unique organisation with outstanding management expertise located conveniently in Australasia yet covering the globe with established alliances with key organisations in the northern hemisphere. This structure allows us to provide a higher level of service whatever your size or location.

SmartAqua utilises a broad skillset with our experienced team, helping us to manage projects that cover the wide ranging needs of our clients - developing or mature, big or small.

Our Style: We take a collaborative approach with clients working together to understand the business objectives thereby creating solutions that deliver a competitive edge and commercial opportunities. A culture of passion and innovation with a strong commercial focus helps provide timely success-driven answers to the bottom line.

Real Estate - Aquaculture and Seafood Business Opportunities


SmartAqua guides clients interested in aquaculture and seafood business acquisition right from the start of the process, including identification of investment opportunities in this fast growing sector.

Our experienced team provides due diligence to avoid the pitfalls of the past in this industry. There have been many well documented examples where the 'gold rush' excitement to rush in and invest was done without seeking skilled and knowledgeable external advice.

SmartAqua has the collective experience of industry professionals from across the globe.

Contact us here to discuss current global investment opportunities in the aquaculture and seafood business sector.


SmartAqua delivers personalised management services and training to companies and not for profit groups. We also provide training seminars in all areas of aquaculture and seafood business management. An example of a typical training seminar is presented here.


Aquaculture Business Management

  • Business Development, Management, Mentoring and Auditing

  • Aquaculture Site Selection and Feasibility Studies

  • Marine and Freshwater R&D Project Management

  • Nutrition and Feed Management
  • Patent and Intellectual Property Development
  • Expert Witness and Due Diligence Services

Aquatic Veterinary, Welfare & Biosecurity Services

  • Fish & Animal Health Services,

  • BioSecurity & Welfare Management

Harvesting & Product Quality Management Systems

  • Harvest Husbandry Management Services

  • Development of Product Quality & Certified Quality Management Systems

  • Harvest Operations Auditing

  • Value Added Product Development

Aquaculture & Wild Harvesting Process Plant Design and Management

  • Process Plant Design Management

  • Processing Operation Auditing

  • Hygiene & Food Safety Auditing

RAS Hatchery, Nursery and Growout System Design and Development

  • Specific Pathogen Free (SPF)

  • Marine and Freshwater

  • Broodstock, Live Feed, Hatchery, Nursery and Growout Systems

Environmental Assessment & EMS Development

  • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Approvals

  • Natural Resource Management & EMS Development

  • Sustainability Management


A: Seascape #8-05, 57 Cove Way, Singapore 098308  P: +65 9450 2914  E: smartaqua@smartaqua.com.au