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Our Products

The overall market forecast for the global aquaculture and fisheries market is extremely positive and set to exceed 135 million tonnes in 2015 (worth US$370 bn). Demand for organic aquaculture will grow due to increasing awareness concerning fishing techniques that harm the environment and deplete fish stocks. The organic aquaculture industry has already seen growth in excess of 900% over 25 years, and is set to continue expanding. There is continual ongoing pressure to manage aquaculture and fishing in sync with our natural resources. SmartAqua focuses on pragmatic bottom-line solutions to balance biodiversity, protect natural ecology and provide social, environmental and economic stability.

SmartAqua offers the following products for companies and not-for-profit organisations:

  • Business Sourcing
  • Business Realty
  • Business Development
  • Business Mentoring
  • Training Seminars
  • External Auditing & Site Assessment
  • Systems Development & Design
  • Value Added Product Development
  • Project Management
  • Consulting and Expert Witness
  • Due Diligence (M&A)
  • Food Safety

SmartAqua has excellent linkages with major global seafood suppliers providing a wide assortment of responsibly sourced, sustainable and traceable farmed and wild-caught seafood. Please contact us so we can facilitate supply.

A: Seascape #8-05, 57 Cove Way, Singapore 098308 P:+65 9450 2914 E: smartaqua@smartaqua.com.au