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Ian Armstrong


A native of Scotland, Ian has specialised in the farmed Atlantic salmon industry since graduating from the University of Edinburgh in Wildlife & Fisheries Management more years ago than he cares to remember. With 12 years of salmon farm management with Marine Harvest in Scotland & Chile behind him Ian decided to broaden his experience by running processing plants in Scotland for Marine Harvest and Scottish Seafarms for a further 8 years.

Encountering Elvin Bugge at Aqua Nor in 1995 he used the expertise of Aquatic to successfully control Listeria monocytogenes in both these factories.

The ISA crisis of 1998 provided the catalyst for a new system of wellboat harvesting, and South Shian became the first location to demonstrate the benefits of slowly chilling salmon prior to harvesting. Ian subsequently introduced similar harvesting technology to Marine Harvest Scotland & The Scottish Salmon Company.

With the Scottish harvesting market saturated, a joint venture with Aquatic Concept Group was the logical next step to take. Using their knowledge of wellboats in Norway & Scotland the Aquatic company Aqua Pharma has successfully reintroduced Paramove as a tool for the control of sealice.

Website: http://aquatic.no

A:Seascape #8-05, 57 Cove Way, Singapore 098308 P/F: +44 7770 815 994 E: ian@aquatic.as