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Dr Glenn Shiell - BMT Oceanica

BSc Hons. PhD.

Glenn is a PhD qualified marine ecologist with approximately 14 years of research and consulting experience in the fields of marine and freshwater science. Glenn is a Senior Environmental Advisor at SmartAqua, an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University, and an Associate Principal and Quantitative Ecologist at BMT Oceanica.

As SmartAqua's exclusive environmental partner, Glenn together with the support of BMT Oceanica offer industry leading skills in the design and implementation of baseline surveys, and a strong track-record in the development of EIAs and environmental management plans (EMPs) for the aquaculture industry.

Dr Shiell comments "The sustainable development of coastal aquaculture requires a clear understanding of the level of output waste (faeces, excess feeds and inorganic nutrients), stocking densities and hydrodynamics, together with an appreciation of the receiving environment, including water quality, sediment quality and benthic habitats.

In support of this, BMT Oceanica has the necessary skills and experience to safely execute technical studies, and to develop hydrodynamic and ecological models for the purpose of predicting the potential impacts of aquaculture. In turn, BMT Oceanica use the outputs of these studies to inform and develop fit-for-purpose environmental management strategies."

BMT Oceanica offer the following environmental services related to aquaculture:

Baseline studies and EMPs – Our recent experience includes the development of an EMP for a customer in Western Australia's Kimberley region, and the design and implementation of large baseline water and sediment quality monitoring programs in support of the State's biggest aquaculture EIAs.

EIA – BMT Oceanica has an excellent understanding of aquaculture EIA, and has provided technical advice to Western Australia's largest aquaculture projects, including the Kimberley and Mid-West aquaculture strategic assessments.

Environmental thresholds – BMT Oceanica has extensively reviewed the aquaculture literature and worked with proponents to develop a suite of practical environmental indicators and triggers for managing the potential impacts of aquaculture.

Environmental modelling – BMT Oceanica, with support from sister company, BMT WBM, has a strong track record in designing hydrodynamic and ecological models using the highly regarded TUFLOW and Aquatic Ecodynamics models. Coupling of these models allows for assessments of the extent of aquaculture impact and the rates of recovery following fallowing of sea-cages.

Spatial sciences – Our team of GIS and remote sensing specialists produce spatially accurate benthic habitat maps using geo-rectified satellite imagery in association with data collected in situ. These techniques have been used in support of decisions regarding placement of aquaculture sea-cages.

Project management and field operations – The combination of BMT Oceanica's staff expertise, experience and efficient management systems has successfully delivered outstanding project management, data analysis and reporting outcomes across a number of small and large aquaculture proposals for numerous customers

Biostatistics and survey design – At BMT Oceanica we understand that effective survey design and biostatistical theory are intrinsically linked. To cater for this, we offer the specialist services of the Environmental Statistics Group (ESG), an experienced group of aquatic ecologists with industry-leading expertise in biostatistics and monitoring program design. The ESG have an impressive track record of providing expert advice to regulators, clients and consultants.

Diving and use of ROVs – Apart from our extensive experience in execution of commercial diving operations, BMT Oceanica has capacity to deploy Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs). Depending on the project, ROVs represent an effective solution, often leading to cost reductions and overall improvements in safety. The ROVs are especially well suited to deep-water (>30 m) operations.

A: Level 1/353 Cambridge St, Wembley, Western Australia 6014 P: +61 8 6272 0000 E: Glenn.Shiell@bmtoceanica.com.au