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Daryn Payne

BSc (Hons) Fish Man.

Daryn has substantial experience in managing commercial sea cage finfish aquaculture operations. Through 18 years in frontline leadership and senior management, Daryn has expertise across all areas of sea cage fish production, from practical "hands on" management of day-to-day operations through to longer-term strategic planning.

After completing a Bachelor degree in Fisheries Management with Honours, Daryn worked for 9 years in the Tasmanian Atlantic salmon industry in variety of leadership and senior management roles before moving to Western Australia to take up commercial sea cage culture of barramundi, yellowtail kingfish and mulloway.

At all times Daryn takes a "hands on" approach, leading by example, and striving for transparency and effective communication across all operational levels.

Presently Daryn is studying for a Bachelor of Laws and working with a number of domestic and international commercial sea cage fish farming operations culturing barramundi and yellowtail kingfish.

Capabilities :

  • Business development planning and management,
  • financial planning, production planning and monitoring,
  • purchase of marine farm infrastructure, productivity improvement and cost benefit,
  • data management, business auditing and due diligence,
  • government approvals, logistics, staff recruitment and development, workplace change,
  • environmental monitoring and management, risk management, workplace safety,
  • farm operating policies and procedures, feed management, stock husbandry,
  • fish health, mooring and general hardware installation, management of aquaculture diving operations,
  • staff training, vessel fleet management, and logistics.


A:Seascape #8-05, 57 Cove Way, Singapore 098308 P/F:+61 409 259 570  E: daryn@smartaqua.com.au