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Clive Talbot

BSc (Hons) PhD

Clive obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1980. Since then he has accumulated over 30 years' experience in aquaculture, first as an academic researching various aspects of salmon physiology and later doing applied nutrition and husbandry R&D at the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre and the Marine Harvest Technical Centre. This work has given Clive considerable international experience in the farming of many economically important species in Asia, Oceania, North and South America, and throughout Europe. His expertise covers a number of areas including:

• Improving economic results through statistical analysis and interpretation of production data to identify causes of sub-optimal performance, and implementation of remedial actions including staff training, especially in the area of feeding management and FCR control.

• Mathematical modelling of fish growth and other production data. These models form the basis for practical tools used in production and resource planning, and other decision support systems related to both long term business modelling and daily farming operations.

• Management of research projects including planning, data analysis and reporting, and implementation of results.

• Independent advice on fish nutrition.

• Audits of production data for insurance claims and providing objective, evidence-based expert witness testimony in litigation cases.

• Informing management decisions based on reviews of the published scientific literature.

A:Seascape #8-05, 57 Cove Way, Singapore 098308 P/F: +44 797 180 7058 E: clive.talbot4@btinternet.com