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Our Team

The SmartAqua Team has an unprecedented global experience in all facets of aquaculture and seafood production working on projects with a variety of aquatic species throughout Australia, Scotland, Chile, Canada, Norway, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand.. and more.

SmartAqua is committed to the success of the aquaculture and seafood industry and have earned a reputation for excellence by providing hands-on practical and innovative solutions to  boards, private and public companies, government agencies, and NGO's.

Key SmartAqua competencies include:

  • Aquaculture and Seafood Business Realty
  • Aquaculture Business Management
  • Aquatic Veterinary, Welfare & Biosecurity Services
  • Environmental Assessment & EMS Development
  • RAS Hatchery, Nursery and Growout System Design and Development
  • Process Plant Design and Management
  • Harvesting & Product Quality Management Systems
  • Product Procurement and Seafood Supply Services


Our Vision

To provide clients with a service that adds tangible value to their bottom line. Our team works closely with our clients in a relationship that feels like we are working together in the same business.



Our Mission

To provide world class service adding measurable value to the global aquaculture and seafood industry.


"In our experience, a longer term relationship with our clients is the most successful model and adds the most value.

An initial scoping visit will identify areas for improvement. That is the easy part. Making the necessary changes and developing a culture of "best practice" within the organisation to realise the improvement is the difficult part.

It is almost always easier for someone outside the organisation to see the issues and push through change than someone inside the business. SmartAqua, working with the management team, can be instrumental in implementing these changes and improvements."


Please contact us for more information on how SmartAqua can help with your business needs.


A: Seascape #8-05, 57 Cove Way, Singapore 098308 P/F:+65 9450 2914 E: smartaqua@smartaqua.com.au