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Industry Experienced Aquaculture, Seafood & Agribusiness Experts with a Bottom-Line Focus

SmartAqua is an aquaculture, seafood and agribusiness advisory group with extensive experience and strong linkages with international producers, government agencies, and a network of agribusiness professionals.

Our Team

Our core team of professionals are respected global leaders in their respective fields providing turnkey solutions including advice and product supply.

Alastair Smart Alistair Douglas Sam Bowman
Joseph Tuma Daryn Payne Glenn Shiell Paula Sylvia

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SmartAqua is continually expanding its network through the formation of business alliances with world leading companies and professionals. Our partnerships with the following organisations allow us to cover a wide remit in the agribusiness world.

Aquatic Concept Group AS Norway

Elvin Bugge

Pulcea Ltd Scotland

Ian Armstrong

Deborah Gardner Australia

Debbie Gardner

Aquaculture Communications Group Canada -USA

Dave Conley

Stimtech Pty Ltd Australia

Chris Mudford

John Moloney Australia

John Moloney


FanLi Marine, Malaysia

Gopinath Nagaraj

Paragon Initiative Ltd, UK

Ross Blake

Global Aquafood Development Corp Canada

Stephen Cross

Bard International - Dubai - Athens

Jon Bard

Smarter Agribusiness: the key to sustainable prosperity


Please contact us for more information on how SmartAqua can help with your business needs.

A Selection of Clients:



         Paine and Partners




SmartAqua for Smarter Agribusiness - the key to sustainable prosperity  E: smartaqua@smartaqua.com.au